About Paul Bridger

About Paul Bridger

September 23, 2020

Hi. I’m Paul, and I like to write code, build products and start companies.

I started out in New Zealand, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some very special people in many places around the world. I’ve often played a technical co-founder role, leading and growing engineering teams, and taking complex products from conception to production.

Over the last couple of decades I’ve built products in a wide range of industries, from publishing, 3D game development, investment banking, to iOS, big data and machine learning. Exciting things happen at the intersection of fields and skill-sets — like the time I built a machine-learning powered virtual reality experience and demoed it to Excellencies in Dubai, or when I built the world’s first networkless mobile transit routing app using game-dev path-finding.

Since mid-2020 I’ve been consulting with large and small companies — helping with machine-learning optimization, development and productionization. Find out more here.

For more detail on my past projects, companies, roles, patents etc. see my resume.

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